Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School and such...

Okay, so far my first week back to school has been rather pleasant. I complain a lot but i really am enjoying my classes. It's just that its so hard for me to just start back in school and be busy CONSTANTLY! But so far its been okay. I'm in a lot of hours this semester but i'm looking forward to finishing this year *crosses fingers* My classes kind of all mesh together with the topics that we cover with the exception of Math and Bio. Basically in my English class i am learning about the elements of argument and what makes a good argument and how to provide good evidence and so on. My teacher is really nice, he gets off track sometimes but i don't mind at all :) In my Philosophy class we are talking about what we believe and why we believe it and how to argue it and how to prove or disprove a certain philosophy with evidence and how to make that decision. Last but not least in my Psychology class we are talking about things that have to do with social psychology and human social behavior. It's awesome! Because we talk about the different things that influence our decisions and our perceptions on things. They all flow together :) I'm pretty excited about it. My math class isn't too bad and in Biology we get to use microscopes... its awesome! I got to see a cell from the saliva i scraped off from the inside of my cheek. It was quite fun. I have some goofy lab partners but it makes things fun. Hopefully as the semester progresses it keeps getting better and doesn't in anyway get worse (knock on wood) ;)


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