Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I praise you...

because i am fearfully and wonderfully made.... and also because you've created me with the inability to know EVERYTHING. Does anyone else ever just want to praise God for not giving us all the answers?? I find it comforting to know that i don't have to be smart enough to make my own decisions.... that i can just hand my life over to God and say "Let YOUR will be done in my life God." Today in Philosophy we talked about the ability to "self-govern" and how its very dangerous, blah blah blah... but one of the points my teacher made was that in order for us to self-govern we have to be educated. I think i just breathed a huge sigh of relief when i thought of how i don't have to be incredibly smart to live and exist and to love God and be his daughter. All i have to have is faith in him. Faith in what is not seen or felt physically. Praise God right?! We talked about the three major fields of philosophy: Metaphysics (What is real?), Epistemology (What do i know?), and Axiology (What do i do?). We talked about a lot of big questions right from the start!! and this is only our second class!! I can't imagine how it will be towards the end of the semester. I was a little scared of taking this class at first because i was afraid that the teacher would try and convince me that there was no God and junk like that but my teacher is really respectful of our opinions and lets us speak our mind. I actually feel like i'm learning something haha Well... its time for bed... i've got more of the school thing going on tomorrow.... bleh.


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